Can you post my tickets?

Unfortunately, we are not offering a postage option this year. All tickets will be collected at the gates when you show a confirmation email.

What is the cut off for purchasing advance tickets?

The cut off for advance sales online is 12 noon on Friday 24th August 2018. This allows us time to prepare all the lists for the gates and gather all ticket information prior to the event.

What happens If I lose my wristband?

Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for any loss of wristbands or tickets, meaning a replacement wristband would have to be purchased at stated cost.

If I don’t want to buy it online, can I still buy it in advance?

Yes, tickets will be on sale at the Sherburn in Elmet Library, Finery Bridal and Emsley Estate Agent up until 12noon on Friday 24th August.

What if I haven’t received my email?

Please contact info@craftandfoodfestival.co.uk or call 01977 689430.

Are you allowed to take in any food and drink?

Outside food and drink is permitted, but not alcohol.

What if my wristband is damaged?

Please contact us at the soonest opportunity and it will be replaced at the organiser’s discretion upon production of the damaged wristband.

Will this wristband last all 3 days?

Yes, the materials used in the wristband are much stronger than normal paper. We have tested them, and this wristband lasted 4 days doing day to day functions (including baths and showering) – It also had to be cut off to be removed, as would have lasted even longer if required.

Are there any additional fees to pay when you enter the festival?

Only for purchase of craft items, food and drink. Some children entertainment has a small fee, however, there are plenty of things to enjoy for free!

Will there be a charge to watch the cookery demonstrations?

No, these demonstrations will be FREE of charge to all festival attendees.

Where is the main car park?

This will be Bramleys Field on Milford Road, in between Sherburn in Elmet and South Milford.

Do you have to pay for car parking? 

No, car parking is FREE of charge.

Will there be a shuttle bus service to the festival? 

Yes, this will stop at the main car park as well as BP Garage and the Swan Hotel in South Milford.

Is AfterFEST included in Sundays ticket prices?

If you are a weekend or Sunday ticket holder, afterfest is free of charge. However, if you have a day ticket for Saturday and or Monday, you will need to purchase an AfterFEST ticket.

Can I take a BBQ with me?

Unfortunately, there are no bbq’s permitted on site. However, there is a variety of different food stalls in which bbq food will be sold.

Will there be smoking areas?

We operate a no smoking policy (including e-cigarettes) in all the buildings, marquees and structures. People are permitted to smoke at the event, in the open air. The event will attract many children and we would ask smokers to be considerate. There are no smoking shelters.

Are you allowed to take any tents or gazebos in with me? 

Unfortunately, we do not permit tents or gazebos due to health and safety matter. Safety is at our upmost priority for festival attendees, although there will be multiple covered areas for shelter.

Is there a recommended guide price for how much money person to take?

With a wealth of stores offering a variety of food and drink, it is at each person discretion at how much money to take. However, we recommend taking enough money to cover your enjoyment of the day.

Do you have any allergy information for the food? 

Is the responsibility of each vendor to determine allergens please ask or see our stallholder information for each vendors details.

Is there any first aiders available on site?

St Johns Ambluence are on-site as first aiders.

Will there be lockers to use/hire?

We are not supplying lockers.

Where is the disabled parking?

This is at the Eversley Park Centre (LS25 6BA) – right outside the festival entrance.

Can I bring pets?

Visitors are welcome to bring their dogs, however, they must keep them on a lead at all times. The controller of the dog is responsible for the dog’s actions, must clean up any mess made by it and dispose of it in the dog bins that are on site.

With the exception of ‘assistance’ dogs, they will not be allowed in the food marquee.

There will be a ‘miniature farm’ on the site that will have small and young animals in penned areas and also a falconry display, we ask that those in control of their dogs consider the effect that their pet may have on those animals and on the other visitors and act responsibly.

Can I bring my own chairs?

There will be limited seating available on the Eversley Park site so visitors are welcome to bring their own chairs.  However, we do not have any lockers or storage facilities for your items should you wish to visit them. Because of the Health and Safety requirement to be able to evacuate buildings and structures (marquees etc) quickly, there may be some restrictions on taking large and bulky items with them.

Are bikes, scooters, roller blades etc permitted in the festival?

Because of the restricted space and the risk to visitors, cycling in the event area is not be permitted. Eversley Park is laid to grass and as such is probably not a suitable surface for scooters and roller blades. Children’s use of scooters and roller blades should be closely monitored and supervised by their responsible adults.

Outside of the Festival area, adjacent to the Eversley Park Centre, is a skate park that will remain open and accessible during the Festival. Please take care when using the facilities.

Will there be ‘no parking’ signs down the streets near the Eversley Park Centre? e.g. Athelstan Court.

Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to be able to provide signage or more importantly the power to restrict parking on the residential estates in the vicinity of the Festival site. However, we are trying our best to ‘manage’ visitor parking by providing adequate car parking for visitors, providing clear signage to those car parks and by providing a free shuttle bus service from those car parks to the venue. Additionally, we are also providing a number of parking spaces for ‘blue badge’ holders at the Eversley Centre.

We do appreciate that it is inevitable that there will be some car drivers who will ignore all the signage and car parking provisions and park their vehicles in places that the organisers of the event and residents would prefer them not to park. If this does happen, please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience caused.