The Frei Compagnie – Medieval Reenactment Group

We are delighted to announce that the medieval reenactment group The Frei Compagnie, will be at the Craft and Food Festival on Saturday and Sunday during the bank holiday weekend. They will be holding their “Living History Exhibit” which will include;

  • 11:00 The Medieval Encampment Opens
  • 13:00 Arming for Battle – Combat Demonstration
  • 14:30 Kid’s Bill Drill
  • 15:00 – 16:30 Have-a-go Archery

The Frei Compagnie are a medieval reenactment group with close affiliation to the Towton Battlefield Society, European Historical Combat Guild (EHCG) and Kunst Des Fechtens (KDF).

They primarily present an interpretation of aspects of 15th century English martial and civil society as accurately as possible, with a particular focus on the Wars of the Roses period.

The group are fully insured and are particularly committed to delivering local events for local people to a high standard of quality and professionalism.

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